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 Setting the standard for cell separation, washing & concentration

Rotea is an exciting new manufacturing technology that has the potential to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of cell and gene therapies and RM based medicine. The anticipated size, cost and capability of Rotea make it ideally suited to process development and early stage clinical trials and its scalability should enable a seamless transition to commercial production
— Michael May, President & CEO, CCRM

Why choose Rotea?

Flexible, User-configurable system

Modular, closed & automated

Input volume of 1ml to 20L

Flow rate up to 165 ml/min

Concentrate output volume as small as 2ml

Typical live cell recovery >95%

Seamless transition to cGMP manufacture

Compact & portable

Rotea is exactly what the cell therapies sector has been waiting for - a flexible, single-use system that is aggressive on efficiency but gentle on cells
— Dr Rebecca Lim, Hudson Institute of Medical Research

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