The Scinogy team is dedicated to making your clinical results a commercial reality.


Our Mission

Provide optimized solutions for the development and manufacture of high quality, affordable cell therapies.

Rotea is exactly what the cell therapies sector has been waiting for - a flexible, single-use system that is aggressive on efficiency but gentle on cells
— Dr. Rebecca Lim, Hudson Institute of Medical Research

What We've Achieved

  • Development of a pilot manufacturing system for an autologous cell therapy commencing Phase II clinical trials that reduced the cost of manufacture by >80%
  • Worked with a pre-clinical start-up company to select process technologies to support clinical trials and enable a seamless transition to commercial production
  • Development of the first counter-flow centrifuge specifically designed for small batch cell therapy manufacture
  • Development of an automated bag mixing module for closed processing of cell based products 
  • Design, development and prototype testing of a closed, automated and fully integrated autologous cell processing system
  • Development of counter-flow centrifuges for bioprocessing
  • Concept development of a flexible, closed and automated system for an allogeneic cell therapy entering PIII clinical trials
  • Achieved substantial cost reductions for high volume pharmaceutical delivery devices, electronic components and FMCG products using our Profit by Design process and innovative automation